Build a business that’s uniquely you.

Take Inspired Aligned Action:

Say goodbye to the days of overwhelm. Shift from “Go Mode” to “Know Mode”. Tap into your Heartmind Design – empowering you to make more time and space for things that matter AND create results!

Clarity & Confidence

Connect to your Heartmind Design, own your uniqueness and live your purpose. End the doubt once and for all.

Authentic Business

Communicate with authenticity and effortlessly attract clients that love what you do.

Thrive & Be Free

Grow a thriving business where you are abundant, nourished and supported.

Lost at Sea?

You know you have a lot to offer the world, but your efforts haven’t created the results your heart desires.

  • You’re working endlessly, spinning your wheels
  • No one seems to understand your offerings.
  • You have a dream and a purpose, but the universe seems to be working against you.


It’s time for a breakthrough.

“Sheri is a master at what she does. She helped me see my gifts and incorporate them into a heart based business that I am proud of.”

Diane Crothers
Mentor and Guide

Find Your Way

Bright eyed and full of anticipation I stepped into the world of entrepreneurship. For the first 3 years, I found more fear and overwhelm than success.

After investing tens of thousands of dollars on courses, programs and coaching, I finally realized that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to success. The only way that will truly work for you, is your way.

All the answers are within in your heart. The trick is to draw them out.

The HeartMind Method is a simple approach that will help you tap into your heart’s wisdom to create the business and life you were made for. One that is aligned to your unique Heartmind Design.

I hope it changes your life in the same way it has mine.

How to Breakthrough:

Step 1: Get Clear

Discover how to create an Empowered To Do List. Get clear, strategic and excited about your next steps.

Step 2: Take Action

Grow your business on your terms, with the support of a collaborative, heart-powered community.

Step 3: Be Free

Achieve success by honoring your unique design. Share your gifts and be nourished every step of the way.

Your Heartmind Design

Heartmind: The place from which clarity, confidence, and alignment originate and emanate.

There is only one you. You are uniquely designed and that uniqueness is what sets you apart. When you understand your own Heartmind Design – and follow that roadmap to run your business (and your life)

Magic! Things flow and you step into clarity. Which creates confidence and results.

With your Heartmind as your guide you will always have a thriving business that is true to you!

The Journey Ahead

Phase 01


Build awareness of your Heartmind Design. Discover the who, how and what of your business that syncs with your design as well as a deeper understanding of what YOU desire and enjoy.

Phase 02


Taking the learning from Discovery create actions that will connect you with more of who and what you desire (ideal clients, increased income & greater impact, and dare we say more fun and joy in your work & life).

Phase 03


Look deeper and vision the future for your business. What will you and your clients grow into? Step into that vision with concrete actions that will inspire and excite you about your future all aligning with your unique design.

“Sheri’s wise, steadfast, and heart-centered support has helped me to evolve in many ways both personally and professionally. Her eclectic knowledge and awareness of various career aspects and viewpoints has proved invaluable to me. I wouldn’t be where I am today without her!”

Patricia Marie Huband
Wholistic Wellness Therapist

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